Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 heads back to Seattle after unusual vibrations, metal paneling detaches upon landing

On 22 August, an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 (registered N293AK) operated domestic flight AS558 between Seattle and San Diego, United States. Just after take-off from Seattle, pilots noted an “unusual vibration” on the left hand side of the aircraft. They quickly turned around for a landing back at Seattle.

Part of the cowling, the metal paneling covering the engine, detached from the plane upon landing, according to a statement from Alaska Airlines. A passenger was able to film the incident (see Tweet at the bottom of the article).

The aircraft carried 176 passengers and 6 crew members but nobody got injured. Passengers were rescheduled on a later flight towards San Diego.

N293AK has been put out of service so the airline’s safety team can investigate the cause of the engine vibrations.

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