Air marshal keeps passengers at gun-point on Jordan Aviation charter flight

A video that went viral on social media has stirred up emotions. An air marshal is pointing his gun towards some passengers. According to charter airline Jordan Aviation, a charter flight between Saudi Arabia and Nigeria didn’t go as expected. The event happened already a few months ago but has now reached social media.

According to the airline, some passengers disagreed with the airport of landing and tried to talk with the captain. Some of them refused to leave the aircraft.

The passengers tried to reach the cockpit to speak with the captain, which is prohibited, and the security guard affiliated with the security and protection unit accompanying the flight did not allow it,” Jordan Aviation wrote on Twitter (see below).

Eunice Tala Yolanda has another view on the story and commented on social media: “They abandoned those passengers in Kano leaving them stranded there, without any solution to go back to Yola when everything was the airline fault.”

Note from editor: Yalo is 635 km’s away from Kano believes that disagreements could be solved in another way than keeping passengers at gun-point.

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