Air France pilots suspended after cockpit fight during flight between Geneva and Paris

Two Air France pilots have been suspended after a cockpit brawl. According to an Air France employee, the incident took place on an Airbus A320 flight from Geneva, Switzerland to Paris CDG, France back in June.

Swiss newspaper “La Tribune” reports that the pilot and copilot got into an argument shortly after takeoff. When a punch was thrown, the two grabbed each other. The cabin crew then had to intervene. A cabin crew member spent the rest of the flight in the cockpit to keep an eye on the pilots.

The news about the arguing pilots was made public when the Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA) released a report on Wednesday that reported multiple incidents in which Air France pilots did not adhere to safety procedures.

The fight did not affect the rest of the flight, according to the report, and the aircraft eventually safely landed at Paris CDG airport.

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