After relative calm, chaos is complete again at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

After a period of relative calm, it is chaos again at Amsterdam Schiphol this Saturday. Travellers have to queue for hours at airport security. Many travellers are missing their flights.

According to a Schiphol spokesperson, fewer security guards are available today than the airport had requested. As a result, waiting times in the security line are again rising to more than three hours and travellers have to zigzag through the terminal and the tents outside. Passengers are complaining on social media that they have missed their flight due to the chaos.

Due to the exasperating crowds and the fear of missed flights, travellers are said to have kicked the shutters of closed security checkpoints. Marechaussee officers are on site to restore peace, but no passengers have been arrested.

Some 200 additional security guards have been hired at Schiphol in recent weeks. In combination with a mandatory restriction on the number of departing passengers, the newly recruited staff seemed to have relieved the pressure at the chaotic Schiphol. However, after a few weeks of relief, that seems to have come to an end today.

Source: AT5

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