A space tourism firm revealed new exterior design for its luxury space balloon

The space tourism company just unveiled the final design of its Spaceship Neptune, the pressurized capsule that will take passengers to the very edge of space — though they won’t technically actually reach space.

Meet Spaceship Neptune

Spaceship Neptune will reach an altitude of 20 miles (30 kilometers) above Earth’s surface. That’s roughly three times lower than the Kármán Line, which many recognize as the boundary to space – and others even dispute that figure.

That’s not to say it won’t likely be a fascinating experience. Spaceship Neptune’s design allows for panoramic 360-degree views, and the curvature of Earth and the darkness of space will be clearly visible. Passengers will be able to see approximately 450 miles (724 km) in every direction.

The full experience will last about six hours and it will cost about $125,000. Space Perspective also recently showed off the luxury interior of its capsule. Now, the company says the spherical design of the exterior “accommodates a roomier interior with more headroom, and the additional safety benefits of being optimal for pressure resistance.”

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