A solar storm emerging from a hole in the Sun will hit Earth on Wednesday

Researchers recently spotted a ‘hole’ in the southern atmosphere of the Sun. Unlike sun spots or filaments where magnetic field lines that emerge loop back onto the surface, a solar hole beams outwards in space and can therefore send out plasma at millions of miles an hour.

When released in our direction, the plasma and solar debris can take anywhere between 15-18 hours to reach the Earth. The interaction of the heavily magnetized particles in the eruptions with the magnetic field of the planet results in a geomagnetic storm, which is classified in classes G1-G5 to indicate their severity.

How strong will this geomagnetic storm be?

According to Spaceweather.com, the geomagnetic storm will hit the Earth on Wednesday, August 3, as the Earth will enter a high-speed stream of solar wind. The resultant geomagnetic storm is expected to be a minor one, classified as G-1 class.

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