A design studio’s stunning superyacht looks like a floating volcano

  • The luxurious superyacht is inspired by Mount Vesuvius.
  • Forge is topped with luxury amenities.
  • A hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system gives Forge a range of over 5,000 nautical miles.

Design studio M51 has just revealed its newest design, the 262-foot (80-meter) superyacht concept that looks like a floating volcano or a pyramid from hell, if you will.

A design studio's stunning superyacht concept looks like a floating volcano

M/Y Forge

The luxurious superyacht, called Forge, is inspired by Mount Vesuvius. Its design is intended to embody the silhouette of a volcano on the water. This is realized by the pyramid-shaped superstructure in obsidian black and sharp angular orange decks.

With a beam of 41 feet, Forge offers a generous volume of 1,750 GT. Its designer Anthony Glasson says the interior has been kept relatively simple to counter the bold exterior. Still, you can expect a range of natural materials and elegant contemporary furnishings.

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