A Chinese game company has appointed the world’s first humanoid robot as its CEO

Tang Yu’s duties also include providing a fair working environment for the employees.

The power of AI

It would not make much sense to think of today’s technology without artificial intelligence. Therefore, the founder of the company Dr. Dejian Liu, also emphasizes the importance of this spurt in the company.

“We believe AI is the future of corporate management, and our appointment of Ms. Tang Yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of AI to transform the way we operate our business and ultimately drive our future strategic growth,” said Dr. Dejian Liu.

“Looking forward, we will continue to expand on our algorithms behind Tang Yu to build an open, interactive and highly transparent management model as we gradually transform to a metaverse-based working community, which will enable us to attract a much broader base of talents worldwide and put us in a position to achieve bigger goals,” he also added.

About NetDragon Websoft

One of the most respected and well-known online game developers in China, NetDragon was founded in 1999 and has produced a number of popular games, including Eudemons Online, Heroes Evolved, Conquer Online, and Under Oath. With the management’s goal to build the largest global online learning community and deliver real integrated blended learning solutions to every school in the world, NetDragon has also begun to scale its online education business in recent years.

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